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Sports Facilities
Thor awnings, canopies and shade structures will increase spectator participation at basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, etc. Outdoor canopies create environments, shaded areas for sports and recreation and protection from UV rays from the sun and rain. Order Now

Outdoor Entertainment
Not only is an outdoor canopy meant for rest in the outdoors, but also provides protection to your valuable outdoor assets from various weather elements. Canopies serve as cover, shade, shelter for your patio, yard, garden, parking space, plants, flowers, camping area, pool, and even construction area. Furthermore, canopies can be used for parties and weddings too, depending on the size of the canopy. Order Now

Restaurants & Eateries
Retractable awnings and exterior solar screens are beginning to play a more vital role as a viable green solution for restaurants, the lodging industry, retail space, commercial/industrial space and multi-unit housing projects. Thor Tarp awnings provide functionality by expanding seating areas, build your presence and name, are user friendly, and provide patrons with protection from the elements. Custom made awnings and canopies enhance luncheon and dining experiences by providing year-round outdoor seating. Order Now

Retailers & Malls
Awnings and canopies attract customers and create spaces that customers want to frequent. Thor Tarp Awnings, Canopies and Shade structures take an outdoor open-air spaces and provide the needed shade and protection from sun and rain. Artistically-covered escalator awnings and walkway canopies capture your clients' attention and make spending time at your retail mall enjoyable. Order Now

Office Buildings
Entrance canopies welcome guests and residents to your hotel, resort, restaurant, office or facility. Thor Tarp awnings can be designed to cover just the front area, include the walkway or even the drive. Entrance canopies can distinguish your business from the others. They provide functionality, build your presence and name, are user friendly, and provide patrons with protection from the elements. Thor Tarp Canopies are an excellent solution for providing your employees and clients with areas that are sheltered from the elements and provide an area where they can feel free to smoke. Order Now

Hotels & Resorts
Hotel and Resort canopies and awnings create inspired settings for your guests and provide areas for your staff to be able to give your guests the service that will set you apart from the others. From the moment guests arrive they can be greeted under an entrance canopy that will make check-in and departure easy and without the worry of inclement weather. Custom Thor canopies create outdoor luncheon and dining areas that can capture beautiful vistas and breezes. Thor also makes canopies for walkways, designated smoking areas, luggage and service support areas. Order Now

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
Canvas awnings, canopies and shade structures are able to provide hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and offices with entrances that greet patients and visitors. Thor canopies and awnings provide shaded areas for smoking in designated areas, and cover walkways throughout complexes to protect from rain and sun, and add architectural appeal. Order Now

Schools & Government Buildings
Faculty, students, and alumni are pleased to have areas that provide an outstanding learning environment. Awnings, canopies, shade structures, walkways and sports canopies add to a school's ability to provide an environment that enhances the student's intellectual, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic well being. Outdoor canopies create environments, shaded areas for learning or recreation and protection from UV rays from the sun and rain. Thor Tarp has been been providing schools with various types of shade structures, awnings and canopies that meet the standards required for school systems. Order Now

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